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Overview, Our Philosophy

Our Off-the-Shelf Graduate Training is rooted in the principles of our flagship Career Kickstart programme. Recognising the unique challenges and aspirations of fresh graduates, this training is tailored to not only bridge the gap between academic achievements and real-world professional expectations but to elevate them to a level where they become immediate assets in the corporate world.

As experienced industry veterans, we’ve specifically designed this programme to address the broad array of areas in which today’s graduates are typically perceived as lacking. Sending your graduates on this programme will not only make them more productive and less problematic for you, but it also includes a structure for ongoing development and networking, at no extra cost, aspects that particularly resonate with the Gen Z demographic.

We pride ourselves on integrating cutting-edge neuroscience-based personal and interpersonal skills, elements rarely found in standard corporate training. More than just imparting knowledge, our training aims to holistically align every candidate’s values, beliefs, and identity towards those of successful and valued professionals.

Addressing the Gap: Today’s corporate world demands more than just academic prowess. Our training is tailored to not only bridge the gap between academic achievements and real-world professional expectations but to elevate graduates to a level where they become assets straight away. By enrolling them in this programme, you’re ensuring they become more productive, less problematic, and are equipped with tools for ongoing development.

Holistic Development: Beyond technical proficiency, we emphasise the importance of holistic growth. Our modules are designed to cultivate both the mind and spirit, ensuring that graduates emerge as well-rounded individuals ready to make meaningful contributions. From interpersonal mastery to insights from neuroscience, our curriculum encourages self-awareness, resilience, and a proactive approach to both personal and professional challenges.

Our Values: Integrity, adaptability, and continuous learning form the cornerstone of our training approach. We believe in creating an environment where graduates feel valued, heard, and empowered to take charge of their growth journey. By aligning with these values, we ensure that they not only excel in their roles but also become ambassadors of positive change within their organisations.

Our Value Proposition

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, the need for efficient and comprehensive training is paramount. Our programme stands out for several compelling reasons:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Instead of investing in multiple single-topic courses, we offer one efficient, broad-ranged programme that covers a spectrum of essential skills. This approach not only saves time but also ensures a cohesive learning experience.
  • Cost-Effective: Our training provides much greater value for money compared to traditional courses. You’re not just paying for a training session; you’re investing in a holistic development programme.
  • Unique Topics: We delve into areas not typically covered in standard training, ensuring your graduates are equipped with both conventional and unconventional skills. We’ve meticulously curated our content to avoid generic, overdone topics and instead focus on what truly matters.
  • Real Impact: Our selected topics are designed to make a tangible difference in both personal and interpersonal productivity. We aim for transformative, not just informative.
  • Expert Trainers: This programme is designed and delivered by seasoned industry veterans who bring real-world experience to the table. Unlike many programmes led by career trainers, our facilitators have been decades in the trenches and understand well the nuances of the corporate world.
  • Ongoing Support: Traditional training often ends when the session does. We go a step further by offering ongoing learning opportunities, support, and networking. These added benefits, especially valued by Gen Z, ensure continuous growth and development.
  • Commitment to Growth: By choosing our programme, you’re sending a clear message to the Gen Z demographic: your organisation is genuinely committed to their holistic development and success.


By aligning with our value proposition, you’re not just training your graduates; you’re preparing them for a future of excellence and growth.


  • Holistic Curriculum: Our programme goes beyond traditional training modules. We’ve integrated both foundational and advanced topics to ensure graduates are well-rounded and ready for the corporate world.
  • Cost-Effective Learning: Instead of multiple narrow-focused courses, we offer a comprehensive training package. This approach ensures maximum learning at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods.
  • Innovative Topics: We’ve incorporated subjects not commonly found in standard training, from cutting-edge neuroscience insights to advanced interpersonal techniques. This ensures our graduates stand out in the workplace.
  • Practical Impact: Every topic is chosen for its real-world relevance. Our aim is to enhance both personal and team productivity, ensuring graduates can make immediate contributions in their roles.
  • Industry Expertise: All sessions are led by industry veterans with years of experience. This ensures that the training is grounded in real-world scenarios and challenges.
  • Continuous Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with the training sessions. Graduates have access to ongoing learning resources, peer networking, and expert support, ensuring they continue to grow long after the training concludes.
  • Gen Z Focused: We understand the aspirations and challenges of the Gen Z demographic. Our training not only equips them with essential skills but also demonstrates a genuine commitment to their career growth.


Graduates from our programme will:

  • Become more influential
  • Be better able to work with others more effectively and get better results from them
  • Be sensitive to how they come across and be more flexible in their approach 
  • Be able to get projects done
  • Be able to articulate risks and manage them in a structured and proactive manner
  • Be able to present confidently and consistently, at appropriate logical levels, to different audiences
  • Understand how to avoid conflict and resolve conflict
  • Be able to manage themselves and their managers
  • Understand how a company works and how to work effectively within it
  • Have a more positive, collaborative and helpful attitude
  • More naturally foster a culture of positivity, collaboration and helpfulness

… and more. This programme is closely related to our Career Kickstart Programme and you can discover all the details here:

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