E(x) Development

Better People,
Better Results.

Get an Edge by developing that special x that makes the difference.

Welcome to E(x) Development – where we improve and develop your ‘x’.

Exceptional achievers do things right, and they also do the right things, automatically. That’s the x that makes the difference.

In business it is generally known that to make positive changes that stick you look to address the root cause. We believe it’s the same with people.

Traditional training focuses on knowledge and behaviour. In our programmes you also learn how to develop things that drive sets of behaviour. This goes beyond training, it’s transformational.

Our aim is to create leaders and stand-out professionals who are effective, flexible, and who naturally bring out the best in others.

We offer transformation programmes, coaching, and advice to help both individuals and companies reach their full potential.

What We Do

Personal Career Development

Unlock your potential with E(x) Development. Improve and develop your influence, master continuous growth, and see immediate enhancements in your performance.

Discover our Career Kickstart Programme, Leadership Development, and bespoke 1:1 coaching.

Corporate Training

Elevate your team with E(x) Development. 

Transform workplace dynamics, foster standout leadership, and drive tangible results. 

Explore our tailored training modules designed for the modern corporate landscape.

Kickstart Your Early Career With Us

The Career Kickstart Programme is our flagship offering, embodying the essence of our company’s dedication to transformative professional growth.

Designed especially for new graduates and those with already a few years’ experience, this meticulously crafted journey combines neuroscience-enhanced learning with practical application, resulting in professionals who are both confident and adept.

You won’t find anything else quite like it.