E(x) Development

The Philosophy Behind Career Kickstart

1. Finding Your Edge

How prepared do you think you are for the workplace? Are you nervous, anxious, or confident?

Well, over around half of employers think ‘none or few’ graduates are work ready; and around half of today’s graduates seem to feel the same way.

In a sea of similarly qualified people what will make you stand out at interview? What is it about a person who, after the interview, the hiring managers say to each other “I’ve got a really good feeling about this one”?

And once in the workplace, what will be the difference between you and the one who is chosen to lead a project or a team? 

What’s the key to getting ahead more quickly, being seen to work hard? Having a technical qualification? But in a sea of similarly qualified and similarly hard working, qualified, and also more experienced people, what will make you stand out from the crowd?

2. The Unseen Advantage

The people who stand out do work hard, get qualified, and more. In fact they seem to do everything you can think of. But they also have a certain special something. A certain way with people. A certain gravitas. A certain way of finding solutions that others don’t think of. A certain way of making more persuasive cases. It’s something you can’t quite put your finger on and it just seems to be part of who they are. They can seem to just naturally apply more of their whole self to challenges. It seems like a magical ability.

But this is not magic. Consider Steve Jobs. The co-founder of Apple was deeply influenced by Zen Buddhism. He practiced meditation and went on a spiritual journey to India in his early years. Jobs believed in the power of intuition and credited his holistic approach to thinking as a key factor in Apple’s innovative products. The innovations that enabled Apple to get an Edge over the competition. To his staff it just seemed as though Jobs had a magical gift of design. But in fact, it was just his ability to draw on a greater pool of resources to apply to the same challenges as his competitors.

3. Unlocking Your Potential

Imagine if you had access to a greater pool of resources than your peers, so that you could become naturally able to do the right things, generate more creative solutions, and have people respond to you better, without even trying?

Imagine if you had tools to deal with your worries and self doubt to help you to stay confident, grounded and in control.

Imagine that your network included more and more people like this, peers and mentors who help each other to get even better.

Would this give you an Edge?

Would you be more confident, less stressed and happier? Might you also have better experiences outside work, too?

4. Your Journey To Excellence

This is what our transformation programmes are all about. 

Designed for individuals like you, eager to make a good early impression and get ahead faster, this comprehensive programme seamlessly blends theory with real-world application across a broad range of job related and interpersonal skills that we know from experience management will notice. When you complete this programme you will become more influential, more confident and able to move more quickly from novice through being a ‘safe pair of hands’, and further towards becoming a ‘star performer’.

At its heart is a 9-day immersive residential experience, where you’ll dive deep into interactive sessions, hands-on exercises, and collaborative development. And there’s so much more to it than that.

This programme goes way beyond training and skills. It’s a transformation. It’s about building an authentically stronger, more influential , and confident version of yourself that that stands out in any professional setting.